Physicals & Preventative Medicine

CDL Physicals

Memorial Physician Services has certified providers to perform physical exams for drivers who apply for or renew their Commercial Drivers License (CDL) through the State of Illinois. 

All drivers with a CDL license must pass a physical exam performed by a medical professional who is certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and listed in the National Registry database.

Our providers certified to perform these exams received comprehensive training to evaluate a series of conditions, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory and muscular functions, vision and hearing to ensure safety for all those on the road. 

What to expect

The one-hour exam includes:

  • past medical history review
  • vision and hearing test
  • physical to measure coordination and neurologic abilities

What to bring

  • Medical history (especially cardiac and sleep apnea)
  • A complete list of medications with dosages
  • Prescription glasses and/or contacts

You do not need to be a current patient of Memorial Physician Services to receive the CDL exam. The exam cost is $150 and is not covered by insurance. Any testing that may be needed will be an additional cost.

To set up an appointment, drivers or companies can call one of the following Memorial Physician Services clinics:


Memorial Physician Services - Jacksonville
      John Peterson, MD 
      Abby Cunningham, APRN
      Heather Lansaw, APRN


Memorial Physician Services - Lincoln
      Rosemarie Murphy, APRN
      Andrea Sheley, APRN
      Nicole Thomas, APRN 


Memorial Physician Services - Petersburg
      Katherine Krall, APRN


Memorial Physician Services - North Dirksen 
      Becky Wangard, APRN