Memorial Health System is offering free MemorialNow virtual care during the COVID-19 outbreak.

MemorialNow is available for all adults 18 and over. Pediatric care is available if your child is at least one year of age and is a patient of Memorial Physician Services who has seen a provider within the past 12 months. Eligible minors must be linked to a parent’s account to use the service.

The simplest way to visit a doctor without leaving home.

Enroll at no cost today, so your online doctor visit will be ready when you need it.

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Enjoy Fast, Virtual Care Wherever There's a Signal

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Now you can access the local expertise of Memorial Physician Services when it's convenient for you. No commute, no video chat, no hassle.

MemorialNow uses the advanced technology for easy communication between you and a Memorial clinician. After a few simple questions like they'd ask you in the doctor's office, you'll get an online diagnosis and treatment plan.

Stop a minor illness from becoming a major inconvenience with a fast, easy virtual healthcare assessment from MemorialNow.

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Download the MemorialNow app and set up your virtual health profile.

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Walk through a series of symptom-related questions to provide information on your condition.

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Receive Care

Get a diagnosis and treatment plan within an hour from a local healthcare expert. Free medication delivery with select pharmacies is available.

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  • Accessible 24/7, including holidays.
  • 1-hour provider responses from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
  • $40 per visit when diagnosis and treatment plan given.
  • Free medication delivery with select pharmacies.

If you are suffering from a life-threatening condition, call 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room.

A $40 fee applies for this online medical treatment service. We accept debit and major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and Discover. If a diagnosis or treatment plan is unable to be made, you will not be charged.

For technical questions, please call 877-803-0577.

A list of common MemorialNow questions.

MemorialNow was formerly known as MemorialMD SmartVisit. Existing SmartVisit user names and passwords apply to MemorialNow.

What is MemorialNow?

MemorialNow is virtual access to expert care from a local Memorial Physician Services provider. It is a convenient and effective way to treat non-emergency illnesses such as a cold, cough and flu-like symptoms, sore throat, fever, skin rashes and more. If a prescription is needed, free delivery is available with select pharmacies.

Who is eligible to use MemorialNow?

All adults, 18 and over, are able to use MemorialNow.

Children ages 1-17 who are established patients of Memorial Physicians Services and have been seen by their provider in the last 12 months are also eligible.

How much does MemorialNow cost?

The cost is $40 per visit. We accept debit and major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Discover. You will only be charged if your case can be treated virtually.

When is MemorialNow open?

Eligible individuals can submit a visit at any time, day or night. Providers are available to respond to cases 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week, including holidays. When you submit your visit request during these hours, you will receive a provider response within one hour. Requests submitted after 7 p.m. will receive a provider response the next morning.

How do I access MemorialNow?

You can access MemorialNow from any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Go to MemorialNow.com or download the MemorialNow app for iPhone or Android. Once signed in, you will answer a series of health-related questions and receive a provider response within one hour during business hours or the next morning outside of business hours.

What symptoms or information cannot be treated or communicated via MemorialNow?

MemorialNow does not treat or include any Highly Protected Health Information. This includes mental illness or developmental disability, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual assault, substance abuse, child abuse or neglect, abuse of an adult with a disability, genetic testing or HIV/AIDS testing or treatment, including the fact that an HIV test was ordered, performed or reported, regardless of whether the results of such tests were positive or negative.

How do I submit a visit on behalf of my child?

You will need to create a MemorialNow account for yourself to submit a visit on behalf of your child. To submit a visit on behalf of your child, start a visit and proceed past the welcome page. The application will ask you who the visit is for on the page called “Getting Started”. Your child’s name should appear on the screen. Select your child’s name from the menu, and begin the virtual visit.

Can I create a stand-alone account just for my child?

No, your child’s account must be directly linked to a guardian’s account. You cannot create a stand-alone account just for your child.

What if my child’s name does not appear on the “Getting Started” page?

In order for your child’s name to appear on the “Getting Started” page, your pediatrician’s office needs to have the guardian’s name and Social Security number in their child’s medical record. If the child’s name doesn’t appear in one guardian’s account, it may appear in another. If you do not see the child’s name in any guardian’s account, please contact your pediatrician’s office to have your name, date of birth and Social Security number linked to your child’s account. It may take up to two business days for the update to occur.

Is my information secure?

MemorialNow will treat your personal information with the same security and privacy Memorial Health System and its affiliates give to all of your health records in accordance with federal and state privacy laws and the Memorial Health System Notice of Privacy Practices. Transmitted information is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Your login credentials are securely stored following industry standards, preventing others from determining your unique credentials.

Where can I receive more information about MemorialNow?

For additional information on the service, visit MemorialNow.com. For assistance with registration, please call 877–803–0577.