Financial Assistance

Let Us Know Your Situation

With the rising costs of providing health insurance, we realize that not all patients have adequate coverage. We also understand the stress involved in meeting financial obligations, especially when not feeling well.

If you are concerned about your ability to pay, letting us know as early as possible will help. We can discuss individual payment plans and help you obtain estimated costs of tests and treatments before they occur. By partnering with you early in the course of treatment, we have the best opportunity to offer financial assistance before problems occur.

The key is to ask now.

If you have worries, please let our staff know. We will be happy to discuss your individual needs. You may also reach our billing office by calling 800-577-5368. 

Financial Assistance Program

Financial assistance is available to patients who are unable to pay for their medical services. Patients must be deemed eligible for the Financial Assistance Program.

Memorial Health System provides community support to patients at no charge or at a reduced charge. Financial counselors are available to help patients apply for the Financial Assistance Program.

Read our financial assistance policy for more information. You can also contact an account representative by calling 800-577-5368.